Backlit Signage

What is backlit signage? Any sign that is illuminated from the behind. As opposed to non-electric signs that receive light from an exterior third-party source, backlit signage is wired with light inside the sign itself. This sign light can illuminate the wall behind, but it can also light up the signage itself as seen from the various sign photos from middle Tennessee.

Lighting can make a HUGE difference in how your company’s sign solutions are perceived and judged by viewers. For example, the backlit signs below are from two different restaurants. Which one gives you a more favorable image?

Backlit Signage Comparison

Brand Image

Sign lighting makes all the difference in the world. It can take a law firm from looking like a $100 an hour business to a $500 an hour business, or a construction company from looking like a shady operation to being an established enterprise.

Do you want a better image? Do you want more customers? Do you want to increase revenue? Then get signage solutions that not only look professional, sharp, and striking, but that have the perfect back lighting to make them pop.

If your place of business has any outdoor signage, it’s not going to do much in the dark without proper signage lighting. And even with the sign lighting, you want to ensure that it’s uniform, consistent, well-positioned with the right colors and intensity.

Which backlit sign would you rather own?

First Impression

Like they say, you only get once chance at a first impression. And for many customers, your sign is that first impression. Make that sign count and make sure it’s lit!

Contact us today and let’s start the conversation how how a backlit sign can enhance your business brand and image!