Channel Letter Signs

What is a channel letter sign? Channel letter signs are usually cut out letters that are then mounted onto a building or wall to create your sign display. Channel letters typically form the name of the business but can be any word or phrase you want to communicate.

Take a look around town. You will see channel letters everywhere! Channel letter signs dominate the sign landscape on buildings, retail locations, strip malls, and more. Nashville and middle Tennessee have plenty of channel letter signage to help you get ideas for your own signs.

Some of the most common channel letters are those that are electrical and illuminated from inside. The channel letters are created from aluminum, have LED or neon lighting on the inside, and have an outer cap or face. That channel letter face can be any design or color. With channel letter signs, the possibilities are endless! 

Channel Letters Nashville

Your Channel Letter Sign

What kind of channel sign do you need? Color? Shape? Size? Will your channel letter sign be mounted on a wall in your lobby, the outside of the building, or maybe part of a strip mall?

Whatever your channel letter sign needs may be, we can do it. Contact us today and let’s start the discussion on what sign you need, where you need it, and when it needs to be ready and installed!