Red, White, and Blue, Channel Letters for You!

Dominio’s moved to a brand new location in  Goodlettsville not long ago and I just happened to be standing outside of the new location today. Not going to lie, ever since they changed the recipe, I like the new pizza. Anyway, I’m sharing this for two reasons: One, it’s almost Independence Day and the red, white, and blue sign reminded me of that. And two, I like channel letters. 

Channel Letters Patriotic

Channel Letters

Channel letters are all around you. Just about every retail space you see is going to have channel letters draped across their outside entrance. Many are lighted, yet some are not. 

Each channel letter is individually cut according to spec, assembled, wired for LED lighting (if applicable), mounted directly to the surface or bar, and installed. 

The fun thing about channel letters is the size, style, and color. They can pretty much be anything and I love creating them piece by piece. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your creation mounted on a building or storefront for everyone to see! 

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning more about channel letters, visit our channel letter page

Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!



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