Help & FAQ

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions! Below we have some of the more common ones that may help you get quick answers before even picking up the phone.

What kind of artwork do I need to submit for my project?

Can you do sign work anywhere in the country?

What does the project workflow look like?

Do you require a deposit to get started?

What forms a payment do you accept?

Can I visit your location?

What kind of artwork do I need to submit?

For optimal results, we require vector artwork (EPS, AI or PDF).

What is a vector? Essentially mathematically-defined artwork that doesn’t lose quality when enlarged for printing. Typical formats include EPS, AI, and PDF files.

Vectors are in contrast to raster which is rendered graphics such as a photo.  Typical formats include JPG, PNG, or Bitmap. These are graphic pixels that will start to pixelate when enlarged resulting in a blurry (or pixelated) printed sign.

See below for a visual example:

Can you do sign work anywhere in the country?

Absolutely! We belong to a larger sign network of over 350 national locations. That means you can work directly with us and we will ensure that your sign solutions are successfully installed all over the country!


Project Workflow

What does our typical sign project workflow look like? This should help you a good idea.

Initial Consultation -> Estimate -> Approval -> Deposit -> Project Queue -> Production -> Quality Inspection -> Installation -> Final Payment & Review

We work with you through every stage until successful completion. And where required or necessary, we can do surveys and pull permits.


Do you require a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit up front and final payment on day of installation.


What forms of payment do you accept?

ACH and checks are preferred. On orders less than $500, we accept credit cards.


Can I visit your location?

Absolutely! We love visitors–especially if you’d like to see examples of different sign solutions. We’re also happy to give you a quick tour of the production facility. Although walk ups are welcome, please give us a call to schedule an appointment to make sure we don’t miss you!