Outdoor Business Signs

What does the outside of your business look like? What do your customers see when they are in your vicinity?  What kind of first impression are you making for those first-time customers? What do your outdoor signs look like?

Make a Good First Impression

Like they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Your outdoor business sign strategy is that first impression for positive customer engagement. 

Outdoor business signs are an essential to communicating your brand, image, and mission to customers. Your physical location, layout, vicinity, traffic areas, etc. all dictate the strategic sign placement and how that outdoor business signage impacts the customer.

Typically, outdoor business signs are made to last for many years but that sign strategy depends on your forecasted stay at that location and any possible outdoor marketing strategy shifts in the future that include business sign rebranding

Outdoor Signage

Strategic Outdoor Sign Location

Strategic positioning of your outdoor business signage solutions is critical to catching the customer’s eye. Take note when you visit other businesses around town.

  • What did you notice first?
  • What was your first impression?
  • Where did you first become aware of the sign?
  • What drew your eye?
  • What kind of message was communicated?

These kind of outdoor sign questions will help you in your own strategic sign journey to craft the best outdoor sign solutions and we’d love to assist! Please reach out today and let’s have the conversation about your outdoor business signs and let’s answer those questions above to start your own sign journey!