Pylon & Marquee Signage

Traditionally, a marquee sign would be hanging from a building and you would walk under it. Today, a marquee sign is any overhead sign. The sign could be mounted on a building, part of a combined business listing marquee, or even a standalone pole sign towering over the building.

If the sign is mounted by a single or double pole, we call it a pylon sign. Whether pylon or marquee, these signs are generally large, outdoor signs advertising your business.

Your marquee or pylon sign is what your current customers use to identify your business and that sign is also the first exposure for new customers. That marquee sign is a critical sign for your business!

Marquee Signs

What Kind of Marquee Sign Do You Need?

Because marquee and pylon signs are outside, they are typically regulated by local entities. Many counties, cities, and landlords have regulations, bylaws, and/or ordinances that dictate how large the sign can be, where it can be located, even the colors and styles used in the artwork. Permits are usually required and those can take some time to secure. Just make sure you know the rules before throwing up a marquee sign for your business. Hint: we can help! 😉

So, depending on your location and the local regulations, your marquee or pylon sign may be a stand-alone on a pole, part of a strip mall sign marquee, or a different sign configuration all together. 

If you already know what kind of pylon or marquee sign you need, let’s talk. And if you don’t know what you need, let’s talk. Either way, we are here to help you with all your commercial marquee and pylon sign needs!