'Tis the Season for Church Signs

Working with local businesses, organizations, and churches is an exciting opportunity to build relationships and strengthen the community. 

Recently we have the privilege of working with the phenomenal staff over at the GoodNaz church in Goodlettsville. They recently updated their logo and needed some re-branding done for existing signs.

Exterior Building Sign

The first part of this project was to tackle the exterior building sign. Earlier this year a wind storm blew off the logo leaving the yellow mounting plate exposed. The church’s updated logo needed to be built and attached to the plate. The existing sign letters needed to be re-painted all black. Creating the new logo piece was quick, but we had to wait a few days until the winter temperatures were just right to apply three coats of paint to the letters. Rather than remove the sign letters, we opted to paint them in place with paper backing taped underneath to protect the stucco finish. You don’t want to mess around with black paint 😉 

The end result was a refreshed look just in time for Christmas services. 


Church Sign Exterior Before
Church's Exterior Sign Before
Church Signs
Church's Exterior Sign After

Church Monument Sign

The next piece on the church sign refresh was to replace both sides of the existing monument sign. Although the existing sign was still in good condition, we created two new sign faces (one for each side) with the new logo and updated colors. UV protective laminate was added to ensure protection against outdoor exposure and sunlight. 

Church Monument Sign Before
Church Monument Sign Before
Church Monument Sign After
Church Monument Sign After

Church Window Decals

It seems like anyone with a glass door has window decals. The quickest part of this job was updating the window decals for the church office. 

Church Office Window Decals
Church Office Window Decals

Interior Church Sign

A new addition is a welcome sign the staff wanted for the entrance. After going through several different design options, they settled on what’s below. This was a fun interior sign to make–3/4″ stained wood with vinyl and acrylic lettering. We can’t wait to hang this in the entryway once the church reopens!

Church Interior Sign
Church Interior Welcome Sign


At Iconic Signs, we love working with those in our community. The folks at GoodNaz were exceptional to work with on this project and we’re thrilled with the results! It’s always a pleasure to see the results of a sign refresh project! If you’re ready to give your brand a lift or refresh, give us a call! Let’s figure out the sign messaging and design that works best for your target audience!


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