Sign Installation Gone Wrong

TikToker’s car smashed by falling Starbucks sign. Ouch.

Sign Installaton Gone Wrong

Who is Installing your Sign?

Getting your sign installed is the frosting on the cake. It’s the final piece after all the planning, designing, proofing, permitting, creating, and building that brings your sign project to life. That being said, it’s so critical to make sure your installation crew is experienced, seasoned, licensed, and that they know how to handle the unexpected. This is especially true when dealing with exterior signs like pylon signs, building signs, and channel letter signs.

As you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard (or seen) the story earlier in 2022 on the Starbucks building sign falling on a customer’s car. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it’s stories like these that give you pause—who installed that sign and what did they do wrong?

Perhaps it was the adhesive, perhaps it was the mounting, or the surface, but whatever the reason, a professional, experienced installer wouldn’t have had that same result. Too often others cut corners, hire non-experienced workers to install these exterior signs. When it comes to sign installation—don’t cut corners. We certainly don’t. In fact, we pay extra to make sure we have seasoned professionals to install these type of signs. That’s their career, that’s all that they do—they know what they’re doing when it comes to installing signs in middle Tennessee.

You want professional sign installation to bring your signage solutions to a reality? Give us a call! Let’s talk about it and we’ll make sure your exterior sign is installed correctly, to code, and securely!



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