Vehicle Wraps

If your company operates a van, truck, bus, car or any other vehicle, and it’s not wrapped, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. Rather than paying thousands of dollars a month in fixed advertising, why not use your vehicle fleet for mobile advertising with vehicle wraps?

Advertising Exposure

Did you know that your wrapped car, truck, utility van, bus, or whatever vehicle you drive can generate 30,000-75,000 impressions daily? And the average billboard gets between 20,000-50,000 impressions a day? Think about it—your wrapped vehicle can generate more daily impressions than a billboard.

In advertising, they say a customer must see the ad at least threes to make an impression. If you’re doing billboards, you need at least three strategically positioned to make sure they have impact. But with a single vehicle wrap, the customer is seeing that vehicle over and over when driving behind it, past it, and around it during traffic.

And think about all the times you’ve been in traffic or driving down the road and noticed someone else’s wrapped vehicle? In fat, 98% of Americans reported noticing wrapped vehicles while driving down the road.

I am such a strong believer in power of vehicle wraps, that on my last round-trip drive from Goodlettsville to Franklin on I-65, I counted how many vehicle wraps I saw on trucks, vans, buses, and cars. I even tried snapping a few pictures, and the total vehicle wrap count? 28! See some of those spotted vehicle wraps below.

One-time Cost

For around the monthly cost of a billboard you can pay for a basic vehicle wrap. Partial or complete, there are so many car wrap options. There aren’t many forms of advertising where you pay a flat fee and enjoy the benefits for years to come. No monthly payments, no pay per click, no conversion costs—just the cost to wrap the car, van, truck, bus, etc.

Whether your business has one vehicle or 50, you’re foregoing free advertising. Turn those vehicles into a fleet of mobile billboards!


The vinyl we use to wrap your vehicles is of the highest quality. Even with all the prolonged outdoor exposure, the vehicle wraps last on average seven years.  That’s a one-time cost for at least 7 years of exposure resulting in over 100 million impressions!

Vehicle Wraps by the Numbers

  • A single wrapped vehicle can generate over 100 million views over the life of a vinyl wrap
  • Daily impressions of an average wrapped car, van, truck is between 20,000-50,000
  • High-quality vehicle wraps last an average of 7 years
  • Approximately 98% of drivers notice vehicle wraps while driving
  • Business vehicles average about 15,000 miles each year and pass in front of 9 million other vehicles
  • Vehicle wraps increase name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising means

Wrap Your Vehicle Today

If you still need convincing that your car, van, truck, bus, or anything else on wheels needs to be wrapped, give us a call. The vehicle wrap investment is well worth the advertising benefit. 

And if you’re convinced and ready to move forward with a vehicle wrap, contact us today for a free quote!